Frequently Asked Questions

You bet! When you come here you decide what you’d like to be called and which pronouns to use. It’s totally okay if those things change over time, too! Your peers and the staff in the space love affirming your identity.

Nope! We happily take allies and young folks who are questioning. We also believe that “labels are for food.” You don’t have to pick a label to be at home here.

Nope. But you and your family are welcome to schedule a visit or make a phone call to chat with our staff. Call/text 719-315-1825 to talk.

Sure, as long as they follow our space rules and are between ages 13-24.

Absolutely. Coming out is a very personal process. You don’t have to make that choice alone, and being out is not a requirement for coming to Inside Out.

Great! You don’t have to be sure of anything. If you are looking for friends and a safe place to learn about LGBTQIA2+ health and wellness and have fun, you are welcome.

Absolutely. Text/call 719-315-1825 and the staff will schedule some time to help orient you to the space.

Absolutely. We have a clothing closet where you can choose clothes for your comfort. Leave them here or take them with you. We have the youth-directed “Over Under Fund” with limited funds to help with the purchase of gender-affirming clothes. AND we have Transformation, a weekly support group for nonbinary, gender-diverse, and transgender youth.

Safety is a priority for everyone. And this is a space where we learn to work through difficulties together because those are really important skills. “Ouch/oops/educate” and “respect other people’s personal boundaries” are some of the safe/brave space rules that help keep us in healthy relationship with one another.

We are mandatory reporters, so we have to report all cases of abuse and/or neglect. We are here to help you access resources to support your safety.

Your safety is of utmost importance to us! All staff members and volunteer facilitators have undergone both a thorough national background check and a day-long training session at Inside Out. When open for youth hours, there will always be at least two facilitators on-site to ensure that conduct and behaviors of our youth remain appropriate and safe for all present. Staff and volunteers are committed to your safety and your freedom to have fun at Inside Out, and are always available if you need to talk about anything.