Support LGBTQIA2+ youth

We know that youth who have access to a trusted adult are much more likely to have positive outcomes in their lives. We also know that the work of building an energetic, supportive community for LGBTQIA2+ young people in the Tava (Pikes Peak) region takes more than just the work of our staff and youth. That’s why we need YOU!

Whether your gifts are in group facilitation, administration, hanging out with young people, cleaning, advocacy, events, creating brave and safe space, or tutoring, we have a space for you in our organization! We have four main areas of opportunity for volunteering:

  • direct youth work
  • advocacy and outreach
  • administrative work
  • and committees that help plan special events

All volunteers are expected to hold confidentiality, complete mandatory reporter training, and have never been accused, arrested, charged, or convicted of child abuse, neglect, or sexual assault (federal and state background checks are mandatory).

To get started in the process of learning more about volunteer opportunities at Inside Out, please fill out this form and our Volunteer Manager will be in touch soon.

Hear why they volunteer

“I volunteer at Inside Out to be part of a caring community and to be able to support these youth in a way that I really wish I’d had access to at their age. Whatever I can do for these youth, I will do! Bonus points because I’ve met some amazing people in this organization, young and old and everything in between. Everyone has something to share and it’s been amazing to get to know such a diverse and wonderful group of humans.”

John (He/Him)

“I volunteer because I believe that everyone has the power to make a difference. The younger generation is always better than the older generations, and with them change is possible. I want to help facilitate and give these youth as much chance to be the change we all need in this world; just as the LGBTQ+ community have done for me.”

Nika (She/Her)

Looking for other ways to help? Visit our Donate page to see how you can offer financial support and check out our ongoing wish list for items to donate.