Trainings & Panels

 Our community workshops train trusted adults to better support LGBTQIA2+ youth and young adults. Schools, organizations, businesses, and other groups may benefit from learning more about our community and how to be an ally, advocate, and accomplice in the long-term work of building equity.


Intro to LGBTQIA2+

This 90-minute training walks you through the LGBTQIA2+ acronym, defining common terms and dispelling myths and misconceptions about some of our beautiful identities. You’ll also learn about proper pronoun use, and a few simple steps to best support LGBTQIA2+ people in your life and work.

Intro to LGBTQIA2+ learning objectives:
Become a Trusted Adult

This 90-minute training will provide you with techniques on how to have productive, supportive conversations with youth and young adults, as well as a window into some issues commonly faced by young people of all gender identities and sexual orientations.


Become a Trusted Adult learning objectives:
Suicide Prevention in the LGBTQIA2+ Community

This 90-minute training will introduce you to the concept of shared risk and protective factors, and highlight the risk factors experienced by LGBTQIA2+ people. We will also discuss specific ways to be supportive, and specific steps to take if you know a young person in crisis.

PREREQUISITE: Intro to LGBTQIA2+ or Become a Trusted Adult

Suicide Prevention learning objectives:
Attendees Of LGBTQ Youth Services


These sessions are a minimum of 45 minutes. They can be added to one of the training courses listed above or scheduled at a separate time. Please pay attention to prerequisites and consult our training menu for more details.

Comprehensive Sexual Education & Sexual Violence Prevention
Creating Safe Environments
Student Rights

Informational sessions

These sessions are 20-30 minutes with minimal time for questions, and are presented free of cost. Consult our training menu for more details.

Inside Out Youth Services Programs & Information
Pronouns: What are they and why do they matter?

Inside Out advocates for LGBTQIA2+ youth at local and state levels through schools, organizations, and the government to ensure that our youth have safe spaces with allied, trusted adults. We are here to serve the community at large, and encourage you to contact us to find out more.


We also help organizations and institutions understand issues faced by LGBTQIA2+ youth so that they can build them into their internal trainings and policies.

Interested in ongoing education and involvement? Join our Safe @ Schools Coalition!

The coalition partners with El Paso County school districts, students, parents and caregivers, and community members to make schools safer for all students, regardless of sexual orientation, transgender status, gender identity or gender expression. We advocate, create tools and resources, and learn and grow as individuals and professionals. We also support GSA (Gender-Sexuality Alliance) clubs including help with getting started, and facilitation of trainings.