Trainings & Panels

Our adult workshops train parents and youth-serving adults how to advocate and support their youth through allyship and community resiliency. Our community workshops train trusted adults that advocate for and support our youth, whether or not they are active in our space. We also work with community partners, schools, and organizations to advocate for youth and teach them how to be inclusive, change-making leaders.

Become a Trusted Adult

Become a Trusted Adult for Young People (2 hours)

Learn how to start difficult conversations and build connections between youth and adults. Having at least one connection with a trusted adult in a young person’s life is the surest and most tested preventive factor in risky behavior. How can we, as trusted adults, start having difficult conversations to build trust and safer spaces for our young people?

Module 1: Become a Trusted Adult for Young People (2 hours)

Learn how to start tough conversations with young people so that you can support them in making healthy decisions.

***This Training is State Certified


Module 2: Healthy, Whole and Thriving: Trusted Adult Conversations to Support LGBTQIA2+ Young People

This workshop will cultivate your skills in supporting LGBTQIA2+ young people to have healthy, whole, and thriving lives.

***This Training is State Certified


Module 3: Start the Conversation: Youth and Marijuana

This training will educate you on the developmental impacts of underage marijuana use, legal consequences, and how to start conversations with young people about the risks of underage marijuana use.

***This Training is State Certified


LGBTQIA2+ training

Inside Out Youth Services offers many adult training and workshop opportunities, including LGBTQIA2+ 101 and LGBTQIA2+ 102. We can provide presentations in a diverse range of formats, and our LGBTQIA2+ Youth Leadership Board is always excited to share their experiences with community members.

LGBTQIA2+ 101 - LGBTQIA2+ (45 - 60 mins)
LGBTQIA2+ 102 - More comprehensive understandings of the Queer Community (1 hour)

Inside Out advocates for LGBTQIA2+ youth at local and state levels through schools, organizations, and the government to ensure that our youth have safe spaces with allied, trusted adults. We are here to serve the community at large, and encourage you to contact us to find out more.


We also help organizations and institutions understand issues faced by LGBTQIA2+ youth so that they can build them into their internal trainings and policies.

Safe @ Schools Coalition

The coalition partners with El Paso County school districts, students, parents and caregivers, and community members. The coalition collaborates and takes action to make schools safer for all students, regardless of sexual orientation, transgender status, gender identity or gender expression. Services provided include hot spot mapping, creating and implementing policy that aligns with Colorado’s anti-bullying law, supporting GSA clubs including help with getting started, and facilitation of trainings.